Rise Up Your Life -A Unique Holistic Wellness Retreat 

Join me, Gitavali, for an amazing day of rejuvenation. It's time to recharge your battery and reset yourself. Learn to connect with yourself so that you can feel empowered, uplifted, loved and happy. 

The day will begin with a short introduction, then it will kick off with a  yoga practice with my dear friend Naomi to awaken and get grounded, followed by an array of other practices guaranteed to make you feel more lighter and free from stress. You absolutely don't need to have any prior experience to be here and to enjoy the sensations and experience the full benefits of the day as a whole. There's something for everyone. See below for the full schedule. 

2 Yoga Sessions

Hatha Yoga with Naomi Pepah; It will energise you and build your inner strength. Yin; With Gitavali will help you relax & release any tension you may have in your body, leaving you feeling amazing.


Learn the art of being in the present moment. Be calm, breathe, relax, in the now. It's a tool you'll be able to bring home to recharge your battery whenever you need it. Learn some new techniques that you can take wherever you go and empower others to stay grounded and in their power. 

Forest Bathing

Enhance your inner calm with the beauty of nature. Dive deep into an (Japanese) ancient way of being. So many benefits to reap from this beautiful outdoor practice. Come prepared with a jacket (warm/weatherproof) as we will be sheltered in the forest but rain or shine, we'll be out there. 

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A powerful tool to help us process our experiences. We'll be keeping our journals handy throughout the day to help us remember the details, to express ourselves and our emotions, and feel grateful, blessed and vibing high.

Life Coaching Workshops

Discover tools that you can take with you to assist you on your journey through life. We haven't been taught how to manage our thoughts, how to love ourselves. You will learn some life saving tools! 

Transformational Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony

Lead by Prianka, certified facilitator, this amazing combination will assist you in releasing what no longer serve you on an emotional level and will be a powerful healer. The sacred cacao will help us bring our retreat to a close on a delicious note. 

The Schedule for the Day :

9:00- Everyone arrives, meeting and greetings.
9:15- Opening Ceremony- Music/Sound Healing
9:30- Welcome address and a short introductory talk
9:45- Hatha Yoga for beginners (and all levels) to energise
10:30- Short Mindfulness Meditation workshop
10:50- short break
11:00- Life Coaching Workshop: Self-Love, I am Enough, Self-Care plan and ideas. 
11:45- Journaling/ free time
12:00- Delicious Plant-based Lunch served
13:00- Forest Bathing Exercise (rain or shine)
13:45- Gratitude workshop
14:00- Ecstatic dancing (15min)
14:15- Break time 
14:25- Yin Yoga 
14:50: Transformational Breathwork
16:10- Journaling/ processing
16:25- Self-Empowering Workshop: Life lessons to help you to strive and Rise in your Life.
16:45- Debrief on our day together. Closing ceremony with Chai/ Hot Cacao. 
17:00- End of retreat



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Kawai Purapura Retreat Center: Yoga Shala

We will be meeting in this gorgeous space called: Yoga Shala at Kawai Purapura centre which is located about 20min north of Auckland city centre. Conveniently located near the city but nestled in the forest! An ideal location for a retreat. This is my fourth time hosting a wellness retreat here. 

14 Mills Lane, Albany, North  Shore. 

Our day will begin at 9am till 5pm. 















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My Story: Gitavali

I wasn't born a yogi. I was born with a curvature of the spine (scoliosis) that slowly became worst until I had my first major surgery at the age of 7. The doctors did what they could but without any knowledge of yoga. By age 12, my back was so twisted and curbed that I needed a spinal fusion. I was full of shame, of insecurities, And I felt sorry for myself. But, with time, I became more accepting. At age 19 I had my first yoga class. I was blown away by how it made me feel. I was so unflexible. After my Fine Arts degree, I went traveling to find myself and stumbled about knowledge about myself as a spirit soul, having a human experience. I started practicing a yoga lifestyle and made quite a few changes. In 2010, I got married. I started teaching Hatha yoga in 2011. In 2015, I gave birth to my wonderful son, it was a fully natural, pain-free water birth (even though the doctors had told me I probably would struggle!) I started creating Journals to log my daily habits in 2016, and then got certified to be a life coach in 2018, after going through a tough mental patch. I have been running wellness retreats since December 2020. I also sell online mini-retreats for those who are just beginning their wellness journey. 

Casey, Auckland

"I've been going to Gitavali's yoga classes for years and I love them! Her teaching style is warm-hearted and engaging, making any student (from beginner to advanced) feel included and comfortable. The feeling of openness and peace you feel at the end of class is testament to her superior teaching and wonderful energy. I couldn't recommend her classes more"  :)

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Su S. Psychology Student

"Gitavali is a great teacher of the physical yoga and the philosophical aspect of yoga. She's attentive, compassionate and very intuitive. An all-rounded package for those looking for a complete lifestyle guidance and transformation.

And most importantly, the love and care that she shares with others comes genuinely from the heart."

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