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We teach professional & corporate people who are feeling a lack of fulfilment, deeper purpose, & a sense that something is missing in their lives, to integrate & harmonise 'off the mat' yoga lifestyle habits, principles & thinking, so they can experience a true sense of completeness, purpose & fulfilment

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16 Life Lessons I learned from my light Yoga practice

Download my latest 7 page ebook about the life lessons that have made an impact in my life, which I've learned from my gentle Yoga practice. 

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Courses & Coaching

Find out what we are working on to help you transform into the best version of yourself through Yoga principles and developing a Success mindset.

Bhadrasena explains what we are about

Bhadrasena has two decades of teaching experience and delivers incredible content to uplift and enlighten you with deep, authentic wisdom that will impact you forever. He's about to launch a special course to help you harness your super-powers so you can live a better life.

What we offer

Gitavali's Latest Program

She's been teaching Hatha yoga since 2011. Loves to empower women to build their self-confidence and guide them on the right track to self awareness and achieving personal goals, feeling healthy and excited about their future. She's leading her fourth Wellness Retreat to reset and recharge, so click below for all the details.

Details for the Retreat

Our podcast just got launched!

We have a weekly podcast where we share wisdom and tips that synergies yoga knowledge with success mindset and principles so you can achieve your greatest life. 

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